About Dynaweb

Dynaweb is an internet-based anti-censorship portal supported by a network of hundreds of dynamic mirror sites. Established in March 2002 by Dynamic Internet Technology, Inc., Dynaweb aims to help Internet users in China to freely surf the web. Millions of internet users in China already benefit from Dynaweb. Our user population is growing in tandem with China's Great Firewall, because Dynaweb is very effective at circumventing China's ever-intensifying internet blockade. Since its inception, Dynaweb has received widespread acclaim from the global Internet community. As of March 2010, Dyanweb has had over 250 million user visits.

Dynaweb offers a wide range of options for users to access the Internet. The most convenient access is through Freegate, our popular anti-censorship software client. You may also use our published IP, domain names, and email service to obtain the latest IPs to gain secure and uncensored access to the Internet. Dynaweb proactively monitors the blocking status of each of its mirror sites, so as soon as blocking is detected, Dynaweb will automatically update the affected IP(s) and DNS domain name(s).

Dynaweb is secure, fast, and free. You may anonymously browse any website via Dynaweb, with all internet communications enrypted and your privacy protected.